When you have a pile of clothes looking at you, hoping you can wash them – but you are too busy with other tasks, what to do? Look for a laundry service to help you lessen your workload!


With busy lifestyle in Singapore and living alone, you may neglect on washing a week’s of clothes or 2 if you are back from a trip. Laundry services will be the best option for you to save your time and energy without having a washing machine at home.

Our professional and reliable team will help you with the washing and drying of clothes, which also include folding and packing for you. Our services are at a competitive price, and thus it is one of the cheap laundry services in Singapore.

Despite having cheap laundry services, we will not overlook the quality of washing and our customer services. Thus we will still provide excellent quality washing for your clothing, making sure that they are not damaged.

Should you need more information about our cheap laundry service in Singapore, feel free to contact our friendly staff. They will be there to help you out!