On-Site Curtain Cleaning

Utilising the latest technology from Supersteam, our portable onsite cleaning machine has been a firm favourite of many of our customers. The 161-degree Celsius steam and chemical ejection ensures cleanliness of curtains without having the need to dismantle the curtains, therefore maintaining the apartment privacy and also minimising the risk of creases. This can surely save time that will otherwise be required for customers to set aside two different timings: one for dismantling and one for installation. Be assured also that our pricing for this alternative in the market is definitely the most competitive!

Curtain Dryclean

Curtain Cleaning specialises in the full, thorough drycleaning of curtains and other drapery-related coverings in Singapore. Our fast response time and affordable curtain washing services to both the residential and corporate sectors ensures that customers never have to worry about unclean curtains no matter how busy their schedules may be. Our experienced team of drivers are quick in dismantling and installing your curtains, thus ensuring no time wastage. Always looking forward to satisfied and recurring customers who will likely further recommend our services to their peers and neighbours.

Dry Clean and Laundry Services

We pride ourselves in delivering our top laundry and drycleaning quality with the best customer care, while maintaining affordable and transparent prices to suit all walks of life. Customer satisfaction in our services is our top priority, bearing in mind our vision to be the best service provider for all your chores.

Home Cleaning

We specialise in curtain cleaning. But we do get joy from bringing the most convenience and comprehensive cleaning services to our clients. We know that all you busy people prefer to liaise with an all-in-one service provider to get the various chores done. Do be assured as we are fully-equipped and always ready in providing complete services that meet or even go beyond your expectations!